Terms and conditions


1.    Festival Programme
2.    International competition (optional)
3.    Optional programmes
4.    Participants, Insurance
5.    Application forms
6.    Transportation and visa
7.    Accommodation and board
8.    Guides accompanying the groups
9.    Fee of participation
10.    Payment method
11.    Legal issues
12.    Copyright
13.    Preparatory meeting for group leaders


1. Festival Programme
Please, find the detailed programme of the Festival attached separately.
The groups can be accompanied by live music or playback.
The groups should prepare performances of 3 to 15 minutes. In case a group has a longer repertoire we can provide performing possibility for them. Every group should bring their national flag (appr. 1×1,5m). All groups participating in the festival will receive gifts and diplomas for participation.

2. International competition
The groups can take part in an international competition (optional) titled “Chain Bridge International Folk Dance Competition”, organised for the participating ensembles of the Children and Youth Festival. The registration is included in the participation fee. The productions will be evaluated by international jury, each member is renowned expert on the field.  Each group receives a certification of their participation and the winners are awarded by plaques. The winning production can be shown at the Gala Concert of the Danube Carnival at the Margaret Island Open Air Theatre together with the international and Hungarian professional dance ensembles. Please, find the detailed description of competition rules attached.

3. Optional programmes
Further to the schedule of the Festival we offer optional programme possibilities for spending the free time, or prolong the stay in Hungary. (Budapest Zoo, Beach, Parliament Building, Museum of Ethnography, Lake Balaton, etc.) The selected optional programme should be noted at least one month before arrival.

4. Participants, insurance
The minimum number of each performing group is 15 people. Parents and other people may also accompany the group. Every member of the group should hold travel insurance covering medical care in case of sickness, emergency clinic treatment, hospitalisation and medicine. The Festival provides a general insurance for the Festival programmes.

5. Application form
We request the groups to send back the completed application form via e-mail until March 30, 2013 along with the history of the group, the general description of the dance/music they perform, photos for advertising purposes, and links for video material. On the basis of the form we shall send the official invitation to the given addressee.

6. Transportation and visa
The groups are responsible for their international travelling and all visa procedures if required. The Festival provides transfers to and from Budapest Airport and local transportation for the Festival programmes. For groups who arrive with their own buses and use it during the festival we provide contribution for local transportation.

7. Accommodation and board
The festival provides accommodation and full board. The groups will stay in Budapest in 3* hotel (European standard) in double and triple rooms. Breakfast is served in the hotel; lunch and dinner are served in various restaurants according to the programme. (See Festival programme)
In case a group prefers accommodation in 4* or 5* hotel the participation fee differs accordingly.

8. Guides accompanying the groups
The Festival provides a guide for every group to fully assist them during their stay in Hungary with the official-, optional-, sight seeing programmes and free time. The guides speak the language of the actual group e.g.: English, Slovakian, Czech, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, French, Russian, Finnish, Chinese etc.

9. Fee of participation
The participation fee is 40 Euro/day/person which includes all the basic costs of the official programme: accommodation, board, local transportation, guidance as detailed above. After every 20 participants of the group one leader is free of charge.

10. Payment method
The payment of the participation fee should be transferred to the given official bank account. The payment can happen in one or more instalments. In case the groups make pre-payments they get the following discounts due to pre-booking of the accommodation:
By January 15, 2014 – 8% of the paid amount
By February 15, 2014 – 5% of the paid amount
The deadline for final payment is April 15, 2014.

11. Legal issues
A contract will be signed by both the Festival Organization and the group regulating the festival conditions, participations, payments etc.

12. Copyright
The festival will be filmed and recorded; participants are not allowed to have any claims for copyright of the photo, video or audio materials. Each group will receive an edited film of the Festival programme on DVD, and photos of their participation.

13. Preparatory meeting for group leaders
The Festival Organisation provides possibility for group leaders to take part in a preparatory meeting in Budapest in February, 2014. During the meeting the leaders can visit the festival venues, the hotels and restaurants, and they can have discussions on the festival programme. In case of interest we send the conditions of the meeting separately.